Proud to be British and Proud to be Hindu

HFB Plays and Active Part in Interfaith

In Hinduism we believe that the Oneness of existence is the Supreme Truth. Yet in our daily life we experience division and separation of existence, …

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HFB Religious Education Toolkit

The aim of this project is to distribute Hindu RE packs to all schools in selected Boroughs to enable them to teach Hinduism in a …

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HFB Chaplaincy Board

HFB Chaplaincy Board exists to provide Spiritual support to Hindus in Institutions such as Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals and Prisons. We are in the …

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Parliamentary Internships

The aim of this project is to increase the participation of young Hindus in the democratic process through an MP shadowing shceme, high-powered seminars, and …

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The Hindu Vote – Make it Count

Voting is one of the most important civic duties of a citizen. Our votes decide which government rules the country and which MP represents us …

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