Hindu Festivals

Proud to be British and Proud to be Hindu

Dates follow a lunisolar calendar and so vary every year. In Britain the most popular dates include:



25 Mar, 2024

The Festival of Colours. Has a religious basis but focuses on welcoming spring. Celebrated for 9 days.

Raksha Bandhan


19 Aug, 2024

A day when the sister tried a protective amulet round the hands of her brother to reiterate firm commitments to family values, protection and justice. Sisters may travel to different places where their brothers stay and may require time off from work.



26 Aug, 2024

The birth of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This is one of the largest festivals celebrated in the UK every year.

(Nine Nights)


3 Oct - 12 Oct, 2024

A celebration of good over evil. Celebrated for nine days.

Diwali - The Festival of Light


1 Nov, 2024

Celebration of the New Year and good over evil, illustrated through the emphasis on lights. Diwali is celebrated globally, amongst different religions. Gifts are given to friends and family members to mark the occasion, called ‘toll’.