HFB Departments

Proud to be British and Proud to be Hindu

To manage the different projects and execute the various activities of HFB, there are many internal departments that are chaired by prominent members of the community. Each department is set up as a separate committee with its own team:

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee (renamed from the Fund Raising Committee) is responsible for developing a strategic plan for HFB’s progress. The committee’s remit also involves fundraising and it holds a number of events throughout the year.


This role of this department includes:

  • Form an accreditation process for testing Hindu Chaplains
  • Impart training
  • Maintain a register of accredited chaplains
  • Market availability of accredited chaplains to schools, universities, prisons and hospitals

HFB Interfaith

This Interfaith department organises and facilitates meetings amongst senior stakeholders of the Hindu and other faith Communities in order to give a sense of direction to the dialogue amongst faith communities. It is planning a series of bilateral meetings with the Christian and Muslim community.

The department has built excellent relationships with stakeholders of other faiths including the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Community Security Trust. Several joint initiatives have taken place already and more are planned in 2008.

Events & Culture

The Events and Culture department organises events throughout the year, including Diwali celebrations at the House of Commons. The team project manages the events and engages other outside contractors including stage managers, interior decorators, printers and videographers in order to ensure HFB events are successful.

Media and Communications

This department co-ordinates the HFB’s communications – both internal and external. It issues e-newsletters to the community, manages effective communication so that policies, press releases and decision making is communicated amongst various teams and the Executive as required. The aim is also to manage media relationships – both proactive and reactive – through press releases, regular media contact and various events.

The Department deals with several HFB campaigns as well as managing requests for media interviews, including discussions, chat shows debates and interviews.