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HETF participates in World Environment Day webinar

The Hindu Environmental Task Force spear headed by Mrs. Trupti Patel, President, Hindu Forum of Britain, participated actively in the World Environment Day webinar organised by Healing Our Earth, along with other eminent environmental visionaries and activists from Spain, Egypt, Mauritius, India and the UK. Mrs. Patel was joined by Dr Shorna Pal, Mrs Kailash Parekh MBE and Dr Richa Soni, all three directors at LEAP Lancashire, HFB’s Environmental Partner.

Mrs Trupti Patel engaged with the host at multiple points in the webinar, sharing delightful insights and ideas with the audience such as the benefits of water stored in earthen vessels, the excellent ways of farming in traditional ways with the use of bulls and natural manure, and the wonders of the ecology that a mangrove tree supports and the excellence of planting medicinal plants and trees such as the Panchvati.

Mrs Kailash Parekh highlighted LEAP’s key initiatives to increase collective grassroots action followed by an informative presentation on the salient issues related to climate change, explaining risk mitigation and adaptation in context of UN’s IPCC Reports, the Paris Agreement and UK’s Net Zero goals.

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Dr Shorna Pal followed with the second half of the presentation, focussing on the excellent strides that the Hindu Forum of Britain was making in encouraging the uptake of environmental management across all its member organisations. Dr Pal shared important steps that all faith and community organisations could take to increase their levels of sustainable practice within the organisation and ways of engaging with their communities to encourage families to increase sustainable practices and choices within their homes.

Dr Richa Soni focussed on the concept of “integral ecology” in creating an awareness of the interrelativity of the ethical-spirituality-action process in environmental protection. She stressed the importance of individual action in countering the climate crisis and shared simple ways of doing so. Dr Soni concluded with the role of making young minds more aware and involved in sustainability; she upheld the example of the Eco-Festival booklets created by the LEAP Voices of Youth children.

Hindu Forum of Britain is pleased to announce that its Environmental Management research and training project with LEAP, has been successful in winning funding from the National Lottery Community Fund!

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HAPPY ECO-DIWALI! Celebrate in an environmentally friendly way!

Download the Eco-Diwali - Things to Make & Do taster booklet

Is your temple or samaj organisation ready for cop26?

Download the Environmental Assessment & Management (EAM) Pilot Toolkit for Hindu Temple & Samaj Buildings and organizations

Launch of the Hindu Environmental Task Force (HETF) 18 sept 21

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HETF Research: Hindu Vision For Climate Action

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Training on ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT & MANAGEMENT (EAM) Toolkit for Temples & Samaj Buildings on 4th SEPTEMER 2021

We believe that all temples and Samaj buildings in practicing a Hindu ethos, already are devoted to Dharti Mata and are trying in many ways to protect the environment and we need to showcase their excellent work by recording all the hard work they already do.

The team HFB found that there are also temples who would like to do more but may not have a way to plan in stages to increase their contribution in protecting the environment in small, achievable, steps that don’t need lots of volunteers or financial resources.

Understanding the use of an Environmental Assessment and Management tool starts this journey & The Hindu Environmental Task Force (HETF) will pave the way .

Mrs Trupti Patel
Hindu Forum of Britain

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Cowcare in Scotland!

You can switch to sustainably sourced milk! Biodiversity is essential to our continued existence on this planet! Look after cows and oxen by donating to this far sighted and ground breaking iniative by Iskcon Scotland.


We are so proud of the cowcare initiative by Iskcon Scotland, who officially launched this project on 30th October 2021. Cowcare offers a sustainable business model to the dairy industry, which will look after cows all their lives and provide sustainably sourced milk!

HFB is proud to congratulate its member organisation Aberdeen Hindu Temple for the excellent children's activities it has planned for children to undertake during Green Week!

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