HFB Chaplaincy Board

HFB Chaplaincy Board exists to provide Spiritual support to Hindus in Institutions such as Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals and Prisons. We are in the process of developing a programme to meet the increasing demands for Hindu Faith Visitors.The Chaplaincy Board will interview, select and train people with a regulated training programme, shadowing, mentoring and so on…to become Hindu Faith Visitors. We will maintain a register of such people who could also be called upon for presentations.

The Chaplaincy Board now has a small group of HFVs, whom we have started placing with Institutions. Our Board members represent all branches of HInduism as well as working HFVs.

Whether as an individual you are interested in Chaplaincy services, or an Institution looking for Hindu speakers for conferences, information sessions or advice on Hinduism, please contact the HFB Chaplaincy board through Mr. Santanm. He can be contacted at [email protected].