The Hindu Vote – Make it Count

Voting is one of the most important civic duties of a citizen. Our votes decide which government rules the country and which MP represents us in Parliament, yet many in our community do not go out to vote.

While we make a vast contribution to the fabric of cultural, economic and social makeup of this country, by not voting we are missing out on ensuring our concerns, issues and need – whether today or in the future – are heard and addressed.

Our community numbers over three quarters of a million or over 1.1 per cent of the population.

As a community we are family orientated, hardworking and peaceful; and very few get into conflict with the law or access the benefits system.

However, our community continues to face barriers in reaching the upper echelons, accessing social and health care services as well as in overcoming the issues that prevent us from practicing our religious rights and beliefs. And, the country’s politicians and decision makers remain largely ignorant of our concerns and needs or choose to ignore them.

This is why you need to actively engage with your prospective parliamentary.

candidates; tell them your views; get them to commit to addressing your concerns and most importantly, go out and vote this general election.

With all the signs of a possible hung parliament, your vote could be vital, in fact it could be a deciding factor, so make your vote count.

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