Hindu Forum of Britain – Diwali 2022 at House of Lords

Diwali 2022

Hindu Forum of Britain – 21st Diwali at House of Lords on 21st October 2022

On behalf of the team at HFB, I wish all our brothers and sisters Happy Deepavali 2022 and a prosperous new year – Vakram Savant 2079.

The Hindu Forum of Britain is the leading Hindu umbrella organisation in the UK and has been actively engaged in the public and private spheres, advocating the needs and aspirations of British Hindus. This year we celebrated Deepavali at the House of Lords in person, after two years of online celebrations and we were delighted to meet our members from Mandirs and those who support us, from the business community.

Let the Spirit of Light over Darkness prevail , let the spirit of Deepavali dispel Adharmic forces.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Mrs Trupti Patel
FCIHT, MSc. H &T, BEng, Visharad Bharatnatyam & Yoga  Teacher

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The work of our Mandirs , Samaj- community organisations, is not restricted to the British Hindu Community – many have reached out to their local and regional communities and abroad through exemplary humanitarian work in Ukraine , India and Africa. They have made sterling contributions through development projects in poverty alleviation in areas such as disaster relief, refugee camps , food banks and education in health care.

In the 21st century , we are guided by the Epic, the Ramayan, drawing three life lessons for the community to achieve Shree Rama Rajya through Learning – Education, Engineering – Social and & Enforcement – Defence.

Education – In terms of rising awareness about various Governmental and non-governmental information, presenting balanced but dharmic views to the Government ministers and highlighting concerns about the persecution of Hindus in the UK and worldwide. Educating others by participating in Strategic conferences and symposiums to raise awareness about the all-inclusiveness of the Hindu Dharma, be it learning from the History, to protect from conversions or persecutions and forced migration from their homelands. The HFB facilitates free training on Safety and Community Security, Environment and Climate Change Awareness on a regular basis.

Engineering – providing help in solving problems and concerns to get desired outcomes , responding to the Government consultations and University research projects to shape positive societal changes inclusive of renovation and new Mandirs and the first purpose built Hindu ‘OM Crematorium’ project. We are a part of the faith steering group of the Home office on ‘Protect Duty’ to develop a major Community engagement security strategy, so that our mandirs and wider community can benefit from shared knowledge and understanding of security risks in their area.

Enforcement comes into play in developing long lasting relations with the local police forces to gain support in situations like the burning of the Flag within the grounds of a Mandir and attacks on Hindu houses in the streets of Leicester. It is really heartening to take note that, throughout the British Isles, local Mandirs got assurances for them to celebrate the festivals of Navratri and Diwali safely, from their local forces.  

We wish that as in Shree Ram Rajya, we live in peace and in harmony, in a society with no religiously motivated crime, racial abuse or antisocial elements.

Let the Spirit of Light over Darkness prevail , let the spirit of Deepavali dispel Adharmic forces

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Mrs Trupti Patel
FCIHT, MSc. H &T, BEng, Visharad Bharatnatyam & Yoga  Teacher 

President and Company Director of the Hindu Forum of Britain & Trustee of the Hindu Forum of Britain Charity