Hindu Forum Condemns Anti-semitism

Statement : ‘stand against Anti-Semitism’ by the Hindu community.

We are the elected leaders of the British Hindu community’s national representative organisations. For decades, our communities have existed in harmony together, and many Jews and Hindus have shared similar journeys upon arrival in this country. We have watched antisemitism seep into British politics with horror, and have worked closely with Campaign Against Antisemitism to oppose it. Bigotry within any political party is to be condemned and we take inspiration from the courage shown by the Chief Rabbi, in denouncing antisemitism within the Labour Party.

Just as our communities have shared so many successes over the years, we now sadly feel that we share your distress and disgust at some of the current divisive rhetoric that has been used in these elections, which has led us to conclude that not only is there antisemitism in some parties, but also a strong anti-Hindu agenda. Under the current Labour leadership, motions have been adopted and actions have been taken that not only seek to divide the Hindu community, but also sow disharmony within the South Asian diaspora in Britain by importing religious and historical grievances on to our streets here in the UK. Hindus have felt threatened by the language and actions of groups who were supported by Labour Party members, activists and candidates. This, coupled with a general reluctance by the Labour leadership to engage with Hindus in the same way as they have with other minority communities, is a cause of great concem for our community and it not only impedes but also negates our work of promoting community cohesion.

The Hindu community is rich in its diversity of opinions and indeed our traditions encourage us to reflect individually and critically for ourselves as to what is right and Dharmic. Thus we do not encourage individuals to vote for a particular party, but we echo the heartfelt concems of the Chief Rabbi to all those amongst the British public who believe in the principles of pluralism and unity in diversity to vote with their conscience knowing that those who respect
these universal values and seek to bring society together irrespective of their personal religious beliefs, are in critical need of their support.

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