Proud to be British and Proud to be Hindu

HFB Plays and Active Part in Interfaith

In Hinduism we believe that the Oneness of existence is the Supreme Truth. Yet in our daily life we experience division and separation of existence, where there are apparent differences in the society of individuals, differences within the various groups in the communities and even within families.

With the apparent differences comes the challenge of living cohesively within our own immediate environment and the wider community in our neighbourhood. Here we may find individuals with different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs living side by side, sharing the experience of living close together in the area.

HFB Chaplaincy Board

HFB Chaplaincy Board exists to provide Spiritual support to Hindus in Institutions such as Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals and Prisons. We are in the process of developing a programme to meet the increasing demands for Hindu Faith Visitors.The Chaplaincy Board will interview, select and train people with a regulated training programme, shadowing, mentoring and so become Hindu Faith Visitors. We will maintain a register of such people who could also be called upon for presentations.

The Chaplaincy Board now has a small group of HFVs, whom we have started placing with Institutions. Our Board members represent all branches of HInduism as well as working HFVs.

HFB Religious Education Toolkit

The aim of this project is to distribute Hindu RE packs to all schools in selected Boroughs to enable them to teach Hinduism in a standardised way. We have written to potential private sponsors to underwrite the cost of at least four Boroughs in 2008 after we distributed the pack to 72 schools in Harrow last year. The Project Teach committee met thrice in 2007 and have developed an HFB Religious Education toolkit for teaching Hinduism in schools at GCSE level. This pack included material produced by the Chinmaya Mission and ISKCON Educational Services. Negotiations are on with Keith Vaz to distribute the pack to every school in Leicester. We would be keen to speak to other councils if you have any contacts.

Parliamentary Internships

The aim of this project is to increase the participation of young Hindus in the democratic process through an MP shadowing shceme, high-powered seminars, and interaction between young Hindus and Parliamentary leaders.

Project PEP (Parliamentary Experience Programme) will roll out its second batch of young Hindus who will shadow Parliamentarians for six months. The project team has already made a business plan, which is being discussed for 2008. This will result in a national search for talented youngsters who wish to shadow Parliamentarians. The advertisements for the search are expected to begin in March.

The Hindu Vote – Make it Count

Voting is one of the most important civic duties of a citizen. Our votes decide which government rules the country and which MP represents us in Parliament, yet many in our community do not go out to vote.

While we make a vast contribution to the fabric of cultural, economic and social makeup of this country, by not voting we are missing out on ensuring our concerns, issues and need – whether today or in the future – are heard and addressed.

Corona Virus Health Advice

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Condolences for Sikh Community after Terrorist Attack



The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB) is the largest umbrella body for British Hindus with more then 320 member organisations from around the country. HFB is the first port of call from the central government and the most reported Hindu organisation in the British media.



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